Semalt Powerful Engagement Tools

Table of Contents

  1. Semalt powerful engagement tools
  2. AutoSEO tool
  3. FullSEO tool
  4. E-Commerce SEO tool
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Conclusion
Semalt's topmost priority is to see their clients satisfied and because of this, they work tirelessly round the clock to provide innovative tools that ensure the success of their clients. 

Some of the tools provided by this full-stack digital agency include AutoSEO, FullSEO, E-Commerce SEO and Web Analytics. In this post, we're going to be looking at these powerful tools and how they ensure that the business goals of their clientele are being met. 

AutoSEO Tool

The AutoSEO tool is specially created for clients who want to see an increase in their traffic and online sales but may be new to the concept of SEO and also desire to see positive results without investing a lot of money. The AutoSEO tool helps users select the most suitable keywords. 

It comes with website analysis and website research. The tool corrects website errors for users while helping them with building links at industry-related websites. It gives regular rankings updates and comes with an amazing customer support. 

How AutoSEO works

Immediately after registering for AutoSEO, Semalt's web analyzer will provide you with a brief report about your website in terms of website building and current SEO best practices in order to improve your ranking on Google TOP. Then, your personal Semalt manager will run a comprehensive analysis of your site together with a top SEO expert who will compile a list of errors that need fixing on your site.

An SEO engineer will then help select top-selling and traffic-driving keywords for your site. Semalt's innovative technology then begins placing organic links on industry-related web resources that are of relevance to the content on your website. 

Semalt works with over 50,000 high-quality partner websites across various niches that are constantly being tracked in terms of their links and ranking on Google. Semalt uses domain age and Google Trust Rank to select the sites they partner with. Semalt's link building strategy makes use of 50% non-anchor links, 40% anchor links and 10% brand name links. 

When you grant Semalt's SEO engineers access to your CMS admin panel or FTP, they work right away to make the necessary adjustments according to the report on your website. The SEO specialists make these changes to your website to guarantee a successful AutoSEO campaign. 

You will also be provided with daily rankings update of the promoted keywords list. Your personal Semalt manager is available to you at any time and is always monitoring your AutoSEO campaign regularly while providing you with analytical reports delivered directly to your email or an inner notification system.

Why you need AutoSEO

  1. Semalt's web developers and SEO specialists optimize your website for search engines and Google trustworthiness. 
  2. Businesses can't thrive without visibility. The AutoSEO tool boosts your website's Google visibility and takes it to high ranking positions on search results using traffic-generating keywords.
  3. When your visibility has increased, it leads to more visitors coming to your site which will ultimately lead to more conversions. 
  4. The most effective way to reach a wider audience and ultimately generate increased sales while being cost-effective is through SEO. Semalt's AutoSEO tool ensures your business' online presence is more established and profit yielding. 
For as low as $0.99, you can start seeing your ranking and traffic rise significantly. 

FullSEO Tool

The FullSEO tool is for clients who are well versed in SEO but are seeking an advanced way to Google TOP. This tool provides a range of operations on internal and external website optimization that delivers amazing results in the shortest possible time. The FullSEO tool includes detailed analysis, internal optimization, advanced link building and topnotch customer support.

How FullSEO works

Immediately after registering for the FullSEO campaign, Semalt's web analyzer will provide you with a brief report concerning current website building and SEO practices as it relates with industry-standard website building and SEO practices. After this, a senior SEO specialist and your personal Semalt manager will run a detailed semantic analysis of your site, its structure and its semantic kernel.

Next, an SEO engineer will help you select traffic-driving and sales-converting keywords for your website while compiling a list of errors that need to be fixed on your website. 

Then your website will undergo full internal optimization after you have granted FTP or CMS admin panel access to Semalt's engineers who will make adjustments as necessitated by the report on your site. The internal optimization ensures that your site meets up to basic Google ranking requirements, to show you the advantage the promoted websites have over competitor sites and to eliminate every obstacle to progress. Internal optimization involves the following:
  1. Creating meta tags using the list of keywords under promotion.
  2. Improving the HTML codes of the site and using current Google standards to properly place tags and attributes. Alt tags will also be added and external links will be closed via a no follow attribute in order to preserve the weight of the pages.
  3. SEO texts will be written for the client. 
  4. Broken links and error 404 will also be removed.
  5. In order to get the juiciest links for the promoted pages, the interlinking of the client's website will be changed.
  6. Also, robots.txt and .htaccess files will be edited to ensure correct website display in search engines. Sitemap files will also be generated for proper indexing of the pages of the site. 
  7. Social media buttons will be placed on the website to ensure social media signals improvement.
Then external optimization follows. Semalt's SEO specialists will go about manually placing links on industry-related web resources that are relevant to the content of your website. With Semalt's over 50,000 high-quality partner sites that are carefully monitored and selected according to their domain age and Google Trust Rank, you can be sure that your link building will be of the best quality.

You will be provided with comprehensive analytical reports from your Semalt personal manager who regularly monitors your FullSEO campaign. Your personal manager is available for reach at any time. 

Why you need FullSEO

  1. Semalt's SEO specialists carry out internal and external site optimization, error fixing, SEO text writing and more to ensure your website is totally Google friendly.
  2. An investment in the FullSEO tool will ensure that clients get a return on investment (ROI) of over 700% and this has been proven time and time again.
  3. To take hold of leading positions in your industry and leaving your competitors far behind.
  4. To get effective and long term results in the shortest possible time.

E-Commerce SEO Tool

Semalt's E-Commerce SEO tool is the most flexible solution to help promote your online store to prospective customers. The E-Commerce SEO includes detailed analysis, internal optimization, best link building practices and 24/7 customer support.

Why you need E-Commerce SEO

  1. Semalt targets the transactional queries of your niche thus ensuring that your online promotion is conversion focused. Semalt only brings clients that are guaranteed to be interested in what you have to offer on your site.
  2. A major challenge of online stores is to move past the break-even point due to financial constraints. Semalt ensures that your E-Commerce SEO campaign yields excellent results.
  3. Semalt targets low-frequency keywords in order to attract your customers since they are searching with an intention to purchase. Website visitors like this search for the most beneficial online offers and Semalt helps them locate these offers at your online store. 
  4. Semalt helps you map out the most effective strategy for your online store by helping you thoroughly analyze the success factors and competition level of your niche.

Semalt Website Analytics tool

The website analytics tool that Semalt provides offers an innovative approach to market monitoring, tracking your position and that of your competitors and also highly detailed analytics business information. This tool includes keyword suggestions, keyword rankings, brand monitoring, position history, competitors' explorer and more.  

How website analytics tool works

After registration on the site, you will receive a comprehensive report on your position and that of your competitors in relation to website building and SEO best practices. The analytics tool also offers you sales-converting and traffic-driving keywords for your website. There are 338 Google search engines that help to determine your ranking and Semalt recommends using several search engines for your website analysis. 

The website analytics tool daily analyzes website rankings and keeps track of your growth and also helps to monitor your competitors (if you want). 

When you use the analyzer on, you get to be shown the number of keywords your website ranks for on Google TOP. Also, you'll be given insight to your best pages that generate the most traffic for you as well as insight into your competitors' websites.

The tool helps to check your page uniqueness and gives you a score to let you know how unique Google considers your page. Also, the tool provides an overview, performance report and a sitemap submission avenue to webmasters. 

Finally, the tool comes with a page speed analyzer that tells you how fast your webpage loads on desktop and mobile devices, gives you a score and points out errors that need fixing.


Semalt's engagement tools are designed specifically to create an active and vibrant online presence, with high conversion rates. One amazing fact about these powerful tools is that they are very cost-friendly. No matter the size of your online business, you can be sure that Semalt has a tool especially dedicated to your success.